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BYO Breastfeeding Questions!

You are welcome at any of our get togethers, where you will be able to talk to a breastfeeding counsellor, chat to other mums, let your children play and share morning tea together. It is a relaxing morning where you can meet new friends who can support you in your mothering.

Friday 28 April at 10am

Baby-Led Weaning - Roundabout Inn, Gloucester

Friday 12 May at 10am

Mothering Week Walk and Talk - Tartt, Forster

Friday 26 May at 10am

Breastfeeding in Special Situations 

at Roundabout Inn, Gloucester

Friday 2 June at 6pm

10 Year ‘Aunts’ Celebratory Dinner

at Bean Bar Cafe, Taree

Friday 30 June at 10am

Returning to work / Expressing & Storing

at Roundabout Inn, Gloucester

Friday 28 July at 10am

Myths of Breastfeeding - Roundabout Inn, Gloucester

Friday 4 August at 7pm

World Breastfeeding Week Mum’s Night Out - Gloucester

Friday 29 September at 10am

Early Days of Breastfeeding

at Roundabout Inn, Gloucester

Friday 27 October at 9.30am

Baby’s Day Out - Bean Bar, Taree

Friday 24 November at 10am

Keeping Baby Cool - Roundabout Inn, Gloucester

Friday 26 January at 4pm

Australia Day Family Picnic, Black Head

Check Facebook (Australian Breastfeeding Association - Manning - Great Lakes) and emails for additional details or events


Please call Anne for more details on 0427 502 021.

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